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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Why Modular construction?  Save Money and Time!

  • Buildings are manufactured in a heated, dry, secure facility providing consistent quality and allowing for year round construction.
  • Site preparations can be completed at the same time as construction of the modular building.
  • Construction and site installation is much faster than traditional on site construction.

Can I purchase a Modular Building, Office Trailer, or Shipping Container?

  • Yes, all units can be leased or purchased.  Summit Logistics maintains a fleet of Modular Buildings and Office Trailers for lease or sale.   Contact us today for availability.

What is the typical lead time for a Modular Building or Office Trailer?

  • Summit maintains a fleet of Modular Buildings and Office Trailers which are available for immediate delivery.  If we don't have what you need in stock we can typically build the unit is 2-4 weeks depending upon unit complexity and production availability.

What layout configurations are available for Modular Buildings and Office Trailers?

  • There are a wide range of building sizes and configurations available.  Units range in size from 8'x20' to 10'x60'.   

Can Summit Logistics conduct/oversee on-site installation and commissioning?

  • If needed, Summit Logistics can manage site preparation, installation, and commissioning including gaining the needed occupancy permits, submittal to permitting authorities, etc....  Summit can provide these services through our network of design professionals.

What equipment options are available for Office Trailers and Modular Buildings?

  • A wide range of accessories and equipment are available including: ramps, steps, safety rails, decks, building services, security systems, furniture, and fixtures.

How do I determine my application specific requirements?

  • Summit Logistics takes great pride in working closely with customers to ensure the solution is optimized for the application.  A staff Engineer is assigned to each project and will work with you to understand the specific purpose, size, design and budgetary requirements for your project.  They can then help select the facility layout and design which best serves your needs.  

What Building Standards do Summit Logstics Modular Buildings meet?

  • A Summit Logistics modular building will meet or exceed all applicable State and local codes.  Our Engineering staff can assist you with identifying additional local requirements and work with you to gain acceptance.

What building materials are used in modular buildings?

  • All Summit Logistics modular buildings are constructed on a frame of steel.  Depending on your requirements, approved thermal and sound insulation materials are used.  Interior and exterior finishes can be virtually any choice available to traditional construction including matching the finish of an existing building on your site.  Finishes range from top of the line to cost effective.  Our engineering staff can guide you through the options available to satisfy your needs.

What fire protection options are available?

  • Non-combustible construction is available for specialized or high security applications. 

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